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The Coastal Update has been published monthly since 1997 by the Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee (ACZISC), now known as COINAtlantic (Coastal and Ocean Information Network Atlantic). Readers may review the archived issues of the Coastal Update in the COINAtlantic Website newsletter section.

Please feel free to circulate the Coastal Update among your networks and members. Note that items included do not imply endorsement by COINAtlantic or its member agencies. As always, thank you in advance for your interest in the newsletter. Please visit the COINAtlantic Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the COINAtlantic website for regular updates and event listings.


Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS) Atlantic

CIOSS is a new initiative that was recently established through a partnership of public, private, and academic institutions. Jointly funded by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Marine Environmental, Observation, Prediction and Response Network, it is a national effort to coordinate ocean observing activities and facilitate knowledge sharing in ocean science. CIOOS is currently entering a pilot phase, during which a robust data management and dissemination system will be developed. CIOOS consists of a national infrastructure, a data stewardship partner, and three regional associations: Pacific Gulf of Saint Lawrence, and Atlantic.

CIOOS-Atlantic is a consortium of partner institutions which together make up the regional association for the Atlantic region. COINAtlantic is leading user and data provider engagement with CIOOS-Atlantic.

Join the COINAtlantic Secretariat at up-coming events we plan to attend in the New Year with the goal to introduce the initiative and engage CIOOS-Atlantic stakeholders:

CIOOS-Atlantic is currently adding members to its team and recruiting for the following positions:



… And best Wishes for the New Year!

From the COINAtlantic Secretariat: Andrew Sherin, Alexi Baccardax Westcott, Jennifer Barr, and Genevieve Renaud-Byrne.



Case Studies on Climate Change in Floodplain Mapping

Case Studies on Climate Change in Floodplain Mapping Volume 1 is available for download here. The report includes case studies of Surrey, British Columbia, the Lower Mainland of British Columbia (Fraser River and Coast), and Waterford River, Newfoundland and Labrador. Each case study outlines the steps and methods used to develop flood maps that take into account climate change projections. The document will be updated periodically as new case studies become available. The report is part of the Federal Floodplain Mapping Guidelines Series, evergreen guidelines, to help advance flood mapping activities across Canada, developed by Natural Resources Canada in partnership with Public Safety Canada.


Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018 and Coastal Portal

Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) has released its third edition of the Compendium for Coast and Sea 2018, a multifunctional guide for marine experts. A number of reports are included in the resource as well as a new Coastal Portal. The coastal portal is a web portal for marine experts, with customised data products and visualisations for a whole range of marine and coastal themes in the area of the Belgian North Sea. Click here for a list of resources included in the compendium.

Emissions Gap Report 2018

Emissions Gap Report 2018

The United Nations Environment Programme has released its annual Emissions Gap Report for 2018 presenting an assessment of current national mitigation efforts and the ambitions countries have presented in their Nationally Determined Contributions, which form the foundation of the Paris Agreement. This year, the Emissions Gap Report includes an assessment of the emissions associated with the Nationally Determined Contributions and current policies of each of the G20 members, including the European Union. This is in addition to presenting an update on global greenhouse gas emissions and national actions to meet the earlier Cancun pledges.

plastic bag

No More Plastics in the Ocean

The report No More Plastics in the Ocean: Gaps in Global Plastic Governance and Options for a Legally Binding Agreement to Eliminate Marine Plastic Pollution by adelphi and Ecologic Institute suggests solutions to address the plastic pollution crisis of the oceans on a global level. The report regulatory argues that several gaps remain in the governance structure of marine plastic pollution and that a new legally binding international agreement would be essential to closing these gaps and to effectively addressing marine plastic pollution. The authors outline essential elements they say a convention on the elimination of marine plastic pollution should contain.


Katowice Climate Change Conference

The International Institute for Sustainable Development has published a Summary of the Katowice Climate Change Conference (COP 24) held 2-15 December 2018 in Katowice, Poland. The conference included the three governing bodies of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, and the Paris Agreement, and the three subsidiary bodies. The Katowice Climate Change Conference produced a package to facilitate countries’ efforts to implement the Paris Agreement.


Expert Group on Ocean Literacy for Multi-Stakeholder Processes in Ocean Governance

the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO held the “First Meeting of the Expert Group on Ocean Literacy for Multi-Stakeholder Processes in Ocean Governance” 19-20 November 2018, in Paris. Meeting participants discussed how to use creative and interactive ocean literacy tools to communicate ocean knowledge to different audiences. One of the main questions addressed was about how can ocean literacy tools and approaches support more equitable and transparent multi-stakeholders processes. Click here for the meeting report.


A list of regional, national and international conferences, seminars, webinars, courses and other events of relevance to integrated coastal and ocean management is available at this link on the COINAtlantic Website.

Please send any upcoming events to us you would like included and all relevant information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • The Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) has officially launched. The CCCS is the Government of Canada’s authoritative source for climate data and information and offers resources to help Canadians understand and plan for climate impacts. The CCCS works with collaborators and stakeholders to help Canadians understand, and become more resilient to climate change by: building local capacity to understand and use climate information; providing access to climate information; offering training and support to users; and delivering climate services.

  • The Winter 2018 issue of the Coastal Zone Canada (CZC) Association Newsletter The Zone is now available. This issue includes: CZC 2018 Conference Highlights; Announcing Iqaluit 2020; Educating Coastal Communities About Sea-level Rise project and Sharing climate risk knowledge with communities of practice; Workshop on Flood Risk Management in Canada’s Coastal Regions; and The Case for a British Columbia Coastal Zone Management Act. The deadline to submit an abstract for the next issue is 15 February 2019, and papers are due 15 March 2019.

  • The Autumn Issue of the Fundy Tidings, the Quarterly Newsletter of the Bay of Fundy Ecosystem Partnership (BoFEP) is now available for download. This issue includes information regarding the BoFEP 2018 AGM, and the Proceedings of the 12th Bay of Fundy Science Workshop (2018), as well as many news items from around the Bay of Fundy.

  • The first issue of the quarterly Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods (CCL) Digest is now available. The CCL Digest is a global listing of news, ideas and resources on community-level conservation and livelihoods initiatives, focusing in particular on how local communities around the world are addressing their environmental and economic challenges through conservation initiatives, and how governments, and others, can best support this local stewardship. Stories are compiled from a wide range of sources, including international organizations, NGOs, civil society and reputable media outlets. The CCL Digest is produced by the Community Conservation Research Network. This issue includes the feature story "Lessons for sustainable fisheries are hiding in plain sight".

  • Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum Winter Newsletter is now available. The Canadian Coastal Resilience Forum (CCRF) seeks to strengthen social resilience to natural hazards in Canadian coastal regions through efforts in risk prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery and rehabilitation. This issue includes information on the featured study: Evaluating the quality of municipal climate change plans in Canada.
  • The December 2018 issue of the Too Big to Ignore (TBTI) Digest is the 2nd Special Issue on the Third World Small-Scale Fisheries Congress held 22–26 October 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, under the theme "Transdisciplinary and Transformation for the Future of Small-Scale Fisheries".  Regional reports and roundtables from around the world are included in this issue.

  • The Canadian Science Policy Centre 2018 Conference Proceedings are now available and include: Summary messages from Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3; Videos of interviews and the Gala; Audio files of all panels; PDF versions of each panel presentation; Pictures of panels and the conference as a whole.
  • The December 2018 issue of CZ-Mail the monthly newsletter from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) is now available. The issue includes a highlight on the "Seventh Annual Great Marsh Symposium" which includes links to presentations.

  • NOAA hosts an ongoing OneNOAA Science Seminar/Webinar series. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up for the weekly OneNOAA science seminar email list.



Computer and map

European Atlas of Marine Life

The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) Biology has launched the European Atlas of Marine Life, a new showcase of key marine biology data products. The Atlas presents a range of products, including abundance maps and trends for Atlantic Copepods, fish, birds, mammals, zooplankton and phytoplankton species, traits-based maps of macrobenthic and fish functional groups, an analysis of thermal niches occupied by marine species groups, and maps showing the occurrence of marine invasive species in European waters, along with many more. The gallery of products is planned to continue to grow, as new analyses are done by EMODnet Biology partners and the wider community.


Natural Resources Canada Adaptation Platform Webinar Recordings

Past webinar video-recordings are available: 

  • Climate Resilient Buildings and Core Public Infrastructure Project
  • Climate-Related Disclosures and Legal Risks in the Context of Adaptation
  • Understanding Infrastructure Canada’s Climate Lens
  • Introducing the Canadian Centre for Climate Services



- 11 March 2019 is the deadline to submit your art work to the 2019 I LIVE BY THE SEA International Youth Contest. The contest is open to youth from 5 to 21 years. Participants may submit photos or short films, along with a short text, describing the story. Films may be any form of artistic expression, from a documentary, to feature, or theatre play, through pantomime, dance or a song.

-31 March 2019 is the deadline to submit articles to the Ocean Yearbook Volume 34 Call for Papers. Articles on issues and prospects, ocean governance, living resources of the ocean, non-living ocean resources, transportation and communications, environment and coastal management, maritime security, military activities, regional developments, training and education and ocean polar issues will be considered. 

- 13 May 2019 is the deadline to the Ocean Yearbook Volume 34 Student Paper Competition. The Ocean Yearbook Student Prize is an annual competition open to students writing research papers on marine affairs subjects at any university or other tertiary education institution.

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