COINAtlantic's Brand Transition

Identity Update

In the fall of 2013, a team of Dalhousie University management students worked with the ACZISC on communication and sponsorship. They recommended resolving our dual identities (i.e. ACZISC and COINAtlantic), before seeking new avenues of funding. In the AGM of the ACZISC Association, held 16 September 2015, it was agreed that the following revisions to the ACZISC Association Bylaws associated with our identity change would be sent to membership for comment.

Visit About us to learn more about the previous ACZISC working group structure.

Visit COINAtlantic Publications to read more about the revisions to the ACZISC Association Bylaws associated with the identity update.


Its role is to advise the Secretariat and to influence the direction, products, and initiatives of the Network (e.g. themes of COINAtlantic Workshops). In future, the newsletter will be renamed the COINAtlantic Coastal Update Newsletter, its format and distribution will remain the same. ACZISC Meetings will become COINAtlantic workshops and will rotate as in the past between the Atlantic Provinces. The thematic workshops will occur twice a year (spring and fall) instead of three times a year. The COINAtlantic workshops will be thematically based, which has already become the norm, with the an aquaculture theme of at the last Halifax meeting and the a remote sensing for coastal mapping theme held very successfully held at the this spring 2016 meeting. These regular gatherings will be augmented by occasional webinars such as our recent webinar on DFO’s pilot MSDI project in the Bay of Fundy.

What does this really mean?

At the ACZISC Association’s Special Meeting of 18 April 2016, the transition from using the ACZISC identity to the Coastal and Ocean Information Network Atlantic identity as the organization’s name was approved. The moniker ‘COINAtlantic’ will now refer to all of the activities of the organization, and the Network will include the wide Atlantic Canadian Community of Practice. Within the structure of (COINAtlantic), there will continue to be an Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee. This committee will be composed of representatives from those organizations that have a significant mandate for coastal and ocean management and / or have contributed financially to the work of the Network.

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