Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action


The Atlantic Chapter of the national assessment of how Canada’s climate is changing, the impacts of these changes and how we are adapting to reduce risk.

This regional report will examine the impacts on our society, natural environment and economy, as well as the actions being taken to adapt to these impacts. You can expect to read about vulnerable resource sectors and infrastructure, challenges in capacity building as well as innovative and sustainable adaptation practices. 

The process to develop this chapter is an ongoing collaboration between the leading co-author Sabine Dietz and subject-matter experts from a range of backgrounds. Together, they will assess scientific and technical literature, Indigenous knowledge and practitioner experiences to build our understanding of the impacts of climate change and the ways we can adapt.

Sabine Dietz, Lead author and consultant with the Aster Group

The Process

Collaboration and engagement are key!

Developing this assessments depends on the collaboration of a wide range of subject-matter experts from:

  • All orders of government
  • Indigenous organizations
  • communities
  • Professional and non-governmental groups
  • Universities and academic institutions 
  • Private sector professionals

A strong assessment process includes all relevant information and knowledge, including your views, documents and expertise.

To share your views:

Email us with the subject: Adaptation Atlantic, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

And go to the Natural Resources Canada website to help build a list of FAQ, submit relevant documents or apply to be an expert reviewer.

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Our accounts are dedicated to sharing updates about the assessment process, the latest news on climate change and showcasing how Atlantic Canadians are adapting.


Prior assessments and publications

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Division (CCIAD) leads the development of collaborative, national and sectoral science assessments that present the latest knowledge on climate change impacts and adaptation for Canadians.

These assessments are scientific reports that assess, critically analyze and synthesize the growing knowledge base on the issue. CCIAD produces science assessments that are current, relevant and accessible sources of information, to help inform planning of policies, program and actions.

Check out the following reports:

Please visit our Online Resources page for publications relevant to climate change. 



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