Developing a Coastal Characterization Information Service for the Island of Newfoundland

This project has developed a web mapping service that complies with best practices for information accessibility and is based upon the coastal characterization data compiled from field research and remote sensing analysis between 1992 and 2013. 

Presentation by Dr. Norm Catto, from the ACZISC Meeting #70 in St. John's: Coastal Erosion in Newfoundland: Short-term and Long-term Assessment, Norm Catto, Memorial University (2.5 MB - PDF)

Coastal Erosion in Newfoundland Report 2011, Norm Catto, Department of Geography, Memorial University, March 2011 (1.5 MB - PDF)

Additional Support

This work is part of the Information Accessibility Policy Best Practices for Coastal Adaptation Project by the Atlantic Coastal Zone Information Steering Committee (ACZISC) Secretariat in collaboration with a number of partners (see details above). The project was funded by Natural Resources Canada and the 'Developing a Coastal Characterization Information Service for the Island of Newfoundland' portion of the project was also funded by the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation.

Newfoundland Coastal Character and Indices


The coastal characterization mapping and development of coastal vulnerability indices was completed by a project by Dr. Norm Catto (see presentation and report below) under the auspices of the Atlantic Climate Adaptation Solutions Association, one of the Regional Adaptation Collaboratives established by Natural Resources Canada in cooperation with provincial governments.

The project developed the service from the original manuscript maps to a set of standard web mapping services. Partners in this project included Dr. Norm Catto from Memorial University and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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