Bay of Fundy

This section of the COINAtlantic website focuses on the Bay of Fundy and on activities conducted under Environment and Climate Change Canada's Gulf of Maine Initiative. Follow the links on the sub-menu to the left to read a short introduction to the Bay of Fundy in the Bay of Fundy Primer; and learn more about Environment and Climate Change Canada's Gulf of Maine Initiative.

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COINAtlantic Search Utility - Bay of Fundy

Click the map above to learn more about a version of the COINAtlantic Search Utility for the Bay of Fundy with details of the Gulf of Maine Initiative Partners and Projects. The page also includes more details on how to use the map and internet browser version compatibility.

Focus on the Gulf of Maine Initiative

Map of the Gulf of Maine Region

Map showing the location of the Gulf of Main and Bay of Fundy. Credit: Base map courtesy of United States Geological Survey/Geological Survey of Canada/Woods Hole Field Center, downloaded here.

The Environment and Climate Change Canada's Gulf of Maine Initiative (2014-2019) aimed to maintain a healthy ecosystem that supports long term sustainability and economic growth. The current initiative (2014-2019) is focused on enhancing collaboration, improving information sharing, and supporting projects and activities that improve the understanding and monitoring of the ecosystem health, define and reduce the stressors specific to the Gulf of Maine ecosystem and implement activities that promote a healthy ecosystem. The GMI Funding Program focused on supporting collaborative projects that increase knowledge of the ecosystem, as well as identify and/or address ecosystem stressors and their impacts. Projects provided a strong science foundation to inform decisions and actions that will to allow for land use and coastal development in the Gulf of Maine to be carried out responsibly allowing the ecosystem to remain healthy, diverse and productive.

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