COINAtlantic Internet Visibility Initiative

The COINAtlantic Internet Visibility Initiative (CIVI) aims to increase the visibility of georeferenced information on the internet. The idea for this initiative developed from the successful first phase of the COINAtlantic GeoContent Generator (CGG) in 2011.

As part of the initiative the COINAtlantic Secretariat will provide participants with an initial consultation to determine which of their information/ data holdings are suitable for use with the CGG. This will be followed by training in the use of the CGG and follow up support.

The COINAtlantic GeoContent Generator Tutorial along with direct support by the COINAtlantic Secretariat will help members and other interested associates to utilize the CGG to tie data, publications, websites, organization information etc. to spatially defined polygons, findable through Google or Bing text search and viewable through Google Maps or Google Earth as well as the COINAtlantic Search Utility.

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