Atlantic Eelgrass Monitoring Consortium

The Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence Coalition on Sustainability is leading the Atlantic Eelgrass Monitoring Consortium, aimed to monitor and map eelgrass sites in Atlantic Canada. The Consortium is funded through Environment Canada’s Atlantic Ecosystem Initiatives. This new Atlantic Eelgrass Monitoring Consortium is partnering with SeagrassNET to set up new monitoring sites in Atlantic Canada.

SeagrassNet Training Workshops:

The Consortium will use SeagrassNet protocols and remote sensing technology to map eelgrass beds of the local species, Zostera marina, in the Atlantic region. Along with the new Port Mouton site in Nova Scotia, new sites are also being set up in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and in New Brunswick. Through monitoring, the Consortium will gain a better understanding of the state of eelgrass in the Atlantic Provinces. Once eelgrass location and health is better defined, eelgrass beds in decline will be sooner documented and the declines can be addressed through changes in ecosystem management.

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