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Welcome to the COINAtlantic online resource repository.

Use the search engine to find articles with key words or filter by tag to find articles relevant to certain themes, such as climate change, fisheries, ICOM, geomatics, etc. 

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default Adapting to Climate Change: An Introduction for Canadian Municipalities Download
default Adapting to Climate Change: The Private Sector’s Role Download
default Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change Download
default Addressing Loss and Damage in the Context of Social Vulnerability and Resilience Download
default An Adaptive Approach to Implementing the Integrated SDG Framework in Watersheds Download
pdf An ocean of opportunities: Aquaculture in Canda Download
default Another Cod Spawning Ground Confirmed Through Acoustic and Trawl Surveys Download
default Aquaculture in Canada 2012: A Report on Aquaculture Sustainability Download
pdf Aquaculture in the Gulf of Maine Download
pdf Aquaculture Industry and Governance in Norway and Scotland Download
default Aquaculture Maps from FAO Download
pdf Aquaculture Reform in Nova Scotia: Overview of the Regulatory Framework and Considerations for Regulatory Reform Download
default Aquaculture Strategy: Creating Sustainable Wealth in Rural and Coastal Nova Scotia Download
default Arctic Report Card: Update For 2013 Download
default Arctic Sea Ice at Minimum Extent for 2018 Download
pdf Are Deep-Sea Fisheries Sustainable? Download
default Assessing the Gulf Of Mexico Through The 2017 Ecosystem Status Report Download
default Assessing tidal marsh resilience to sea-level rise at broad geographic scales with multi-metric indices Download
pdf Assessment of Tidal and Wave Energy Conversion Technologies in Canada Download
default Atlantic Halibut Availability and Market Influenced by Proactive Fisheries Management Download
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