Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

In 1916, Canada and the United States signed the Migratory Birds Convention which obliges both countries to protect listed migratory bird species and their habitat. After the passing of the Migratory Birds Convention Act in 1917, Canada established Last Mountain Lake in southern Saskatchewan as the first Migratory Bird Sanctuary (MBS). At present, there are 92 sanctuaries across Canada protecting a total of over 11 million hectares of migratory bird habitat. While Environment Canada is the agency responsible for MBSs, the actual properties can be owned federally, provincially, or privately.

Migratory Bird Sanctuaries by Province

Migratory Birds Convention Act

he Migratory Birds Convention Act provides regulations that prohibit the taking, injuring, destruction, or molestation of migratory birds, their nests, or eggs within established sanctuaries. Hunting of listed species is not permitted in any MBS.

Source: Environment Canada’s website.

See Environment Canada's website for more information on Migratory Bird Sanctuaries and their regulations.

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