State of Nova Scotia's Coast Report

The State of Nova Scotia's Coast Report was developed and published by the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. It is no longer available online (therefore links on this page have been removed). The Nova Scotia Government is currently conducting consultation on Coastal Protection Legislation. Follow this link to learn more from the consultation document and submit a survey.

The State of Nova Scotia's Coast Report gave an overview of the condition of coastal areas and resources. The report described physical, ecological, and socio-economic characteristics of the coast, and examined six priority coastal issues in detail. The Nova Scotia Government had also developed a draft Sustainable Coastal Development Strategy which was not adopted.

The report materials were available in three levels of detail:

1. Summary report

2. Fact sheets, which provide more specific detail on each of the six priority issues:
- Coastal Development
- Working Waterfronts
- Public Coastal Access
- Sea-level Rise and Storm Events
- Coastal Water Quality
- Sensitive Coastal Ecosystems and Habitats

3. Full technical report, also available by chapter.

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